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Friday, 25 January 2013

Cocktail of the Month - January 2013

Not that I need an excuse to guzzle cocktails on a regular basis but seeing that this naturally occurs as part of the social whirlwind which facilitates my work-life balance, I thought that it would be fitting to provide a timely update in regards to the top tipple indulged in each month...selflessly identified for your drinking delight! So, to kick start proceedings, January's coveted creation is as follows... 

Behold....The Melon Margarita 
Which can be found at…Giraffe, Cabot Circus - Bristol* 
Which contains….Cuervo tequila, midori melon liqueur and fresh lime 
Described as….’Green and Gorgeous!’ 
Which will set you back…£6.20, though only £3.10 as part of the bar buddies deal (more on that below...)

'Green and Gorgeous' indeed...!
Yes, an unlikely venue given Bristol's outstanding expertise when it comes to mixology but, a reputable selection nevertheless due to the availability of such an affordable yet well-executed concoction. The Melon Maragarita is vibrantly-coloured and tart; satisfyingly sour yet fruity with the unmistakable kick of an ample alcohol content. Reminiscent of the bitter-sweet appeal of Haribo Tangfastics, this is a cocktail which I’ve even asked Milk Thistle to replicate; a request which, as per the aforementioned reference to the city's masters of mixology, was accurately met, (yet it has to be said, at almost triple the price!) I've also thrown-together the ingredients myself within the comfort of my own home which although didn't entirely constitute a DIY fail didn't quite cut it either!...What’s that? “Welcome to Giraffe...table for one?” Hmm, I *may* have a problem here…!!
My DIY Digestif
* http://www.giraffe.net/classic/location/bristol 
NB. Bar Buddies equals 50% off selected drinks...
Available Monday – Wednesday from 5pm until close, Thursday and Friday from 5pm until 9pm and Sundays from 6pm until close. Excludes Bank Holidays. Subject to availability and not valid with any other discounts or promotions.

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