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Monday, 2 March 2015

Sundaes Gelato, Baldwin Street

You’ve got to be pretty dedicated to your sweet tooth to indulge in ice cream prior to Sunday lunch and on the wettest / coldest day of the year thus far. And yet, I’d suggest that a trip to Sundaes Gelato is an advisable alternative to nursing one’s hangover from within a duvet cocoon given the absolute abundance of desserts on offer; the waffles, crepes, cupcakes, tray bakes and pastries (not to mention the gelato itself) undoubtedly making the typical Sunday morning get-up altogether worth abandoning.

Date and Time: Sunday 22 February 2015, 12:00 noon
Name of Establishment: Sundaes Gelato*
Location: 23-25 Baldwin Street, Bristol
Reason for visit: Well it certainly wasn’t to cool down on a hot day!

When it comes to first impressions, this emporium of sweet treats appears rather gimmicky; its colourful décor punctuated with neon signage and bulky red pleather seating. That said, your eyes are drawn, almost instantly, to the counter which makes for a pretty spectacular focal point given the array of ice cream, sorbets and frozen yogurt that you must painstakingly choose between.
After sampling about half a dozen flavours (whereby Tutti Frutti and Bounty proved strong contenders in the decision-making process), I settled on blue banana and white chocolate Kinder Bueno which was tastefully presented on a thick wafer ‘dish’ and scattered with mashmallows. This was an enormous portion for its £4 price tag which was a real plus-point given how niche an ice cream parlour is for us Bristolians and thus, how much more those behind this venture could charge us for the privilege of all all-hours dessert drop-in! The blue banana, besides looking like a liquidated smurf was a little bland in terms of its flavour but appropriately creamy nevertheless. I'd heard reports of the Bueno tasting rather like its duller, vanilla counterpart but I thought, with crushed wafer running through it, that it was spot-on and in fact, I could have easily managed a second helping. My partner in all things 'foodie' also chose two scoops; Jammy Dodger and Ferrero Rocher ; the latter advisable only if you really really like this particular chocolate, (which incidentally, I do not – pleh!) In short, I’d suggest that to be blindfolded and asked to guess between flavours would be an achievable feat, meaning that the many varieties have been accurately executed…anyone want to challenge me?! Waffles, crepes and sundaes (obviously) are also available and there are plenty to choose from – though the billed accompaniment is largely vanilla ice cream which is disappointing given the plethora of innovative alternatives available...I'm guessing that you can switch this up but I reckon it may well depend on who you ask given some of the stoney-faced servers that I spotted behind the counter...
This leads me on to the service which was passable in terms of efficiency and yet, not overly friendly – it was a far cry from nearby Angelberry where staff go out of their way to ensure that you make an informed decision when creating your fro-yo masterpiece! A distinct lack of enthusiasm here seemed to downplay the initial excitement experienced which, for me at least, was a real shame.

Furthermore, I was forced (by default) to order an espresso as a flat white could only be manufactured with whole milk. I guess it's assumed that indulging in vast quantities of dairy comes with the territory, but then again, my sensative disposition can stomach ice cream but not whole milk – thus the need for espresso which, if truth be told, was grainy and unpleasant. In any case, milkshakes and smoothies seem to be the drink of choice here and I noted all nature of concoctions being placed in front of their wide-eyed recipients!
In conclusion, Sundaes Gelato is fast becoming a popular hang-out for the city's masses; whereby its generous opening hours (from 7.30am-Midnight seven days a week) constitute a mixed bag in terms of its clientele; lending to the establishment an excitable ambiance...One which will undoubtedly fluctuate in the presence of sugar-fuelled infants or apres-alcohol teens. That said, a sizeable workforce ensures that the interior is well-kept and clean and I have no complaints regarding the gelato itself; though some of the flavours are arguably a little 'vanilla' and it would be favourable to introduce 'guest' or seasonal creations every now and again, (in case I make my way through the existing line-up, that is...) Dishes are well-presented and generously portioned; their value for money a huge factor in why Sundaes Gelato may well be my new favourite indulgence. Yes, it may well be a tad overrated, but I think that it has secured its appeal amidst our predominantly savoury city...which brings me back to that aforementioned Sunday lunch and the mantra that graces my fridge…’life is uncertain, eat dessert first’. Enough said
And now for the second opinion...
My sweet toothed companion gave Sundaes Gelato a rating of 6/10 and in three words, described her experience as 'sweet but lacking'.
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