February 2018 marks the 7th anniversary of my eating adventures and, as ever, I'm excited about what the coming months will bring for us foodies! In case this is your first visit (if not, welcome back), I'm a 30-something female with a very healthy appetite!...I promise to share with you my experience of each restaurant, café or bar in which I set foot...so, let's go out!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Cuban, Bristol

Given that it's a relatively new addition to Bristol's gastronomical line-up, I was eager to sample The Cuban's culinary offerings – a menu which, encapsulating the spirit of Havana, promises 'delicious recipes' that constitute an extensive line-up of tapas and authentic Cuban dishes.
Date and Time: Tuesday 22nd July 2014, 19:30
Name of Establishment: The Cuban*
Location: Building 11, Harbourside, Bristol
Reason for Visit: An eight-part get-together...friends, colleagues and couples!
Moving inside after a giant cloud of Cuban cigar smoke engulfed our alfresco drinking experience, my friends and I took our table amidst the well-populated dining area of The Cuban - first impressions proving altogether positive given the upbeat ambiance which, comprising happy chatter and a Latin soundtrack, appropriately mirrored the smiley service that ensued. We had arrived five minutes before the Happy Hour had ended so managed to bag ourselves a couple of cheeky half-price cocktails from a selected menu. As their more elaborate concoctions were reserved for full-price consumption, we settled for trusty Caipirinhas which, served long, were not quite in keeping with the 'traditional' format but had nevertheless been accurately executed, (in that, the alcohol content remained reassuringly potent!) The rum menu is clearly the star of the show however, showcasing well-over 100 rums from around the world (comparable, you might say, only to The Rummer’s* collection) and costing between £3.50 and £13.50 a short.

Although we sat next to a pretty sizeable party of mid-week merry-makers, I would suggest that a 50-minute wait for one's dinner is somewhat tortuous to say the least! This waiting game extended to those ordering their drinks at the bar and also to those who ordered their drinks from the table – though curiously, we were granted a complimentary Mojiito as, we were informed, the bar staff had made 'one-too-many' (yet this was prior to the arrival of the three which we initially ordered...not that we were complaining!) it's fair to say that we were unanimously ravenous in the face of the main event; my Chorizo and Beef Burger (£11.95) practically inhaled and particularly well-received. Its accompaniments were attentively plated and tasty; the ‘Cuban slaw’ surprisingly spicy and the Peri Peri fries plentiful and crisp. That said, the emmental that I opted to add to my burger (for £1.50) was all-but non-existent and the salt content of the dish as a whole must have been considerably high in light of the raging thirst that woke me repeatedly throughout the night! The Chocolate and Chorizo Chilli Beef (£11.95) was also considered an ample choice as it was rich-tasting and creatively presented within a crispy tortilla shell. Blackbean rice, plus portions of sour cream and guacamole, completed the ensemble and constituted a dish both wholesome and delicious. On the whole, we were pleased with the quality of the cuisine – that is, until the Seafood Paella Creole made an entrance… Shared between two, this was decidedly bland; both in terms of its appearance and taste. You might even say that the fishy bits (namely; clams, shelled mussels, king prawns, baby octopus and calamari) were still swimming given the watery disposition of the rice - the key factor which actually made this an inedible defeat. It goes without saying that the paella was returned to the kitchen and I’m pleased to report that the waiting staff were altogether apologetic and immediately removed the dish from our bill – along with the aforementioned Mojiitos which we eventually received. That said, as a venue offering an ‘all-you-can-eat’ paella night (which is Thursday if you're game), it is a little worrying; though, with the plethora of deals that run during the week (plus their partnership with Jongleurs which comes into effect on the weekend), there are plenty of alternative nights on which to visit. In my view, Wednesday is your best bet as it’s their 2 for 1 ‘Fiesta Night’ whereby main meals and cocktails are buy-one-get-one-free. The Happy Hour which typically runs from 16:00 until 19:00, is extended until close on a Wednesday too so there really isn’t a reason not to partake in a few après-office drinky poos now, is there?! Salsa Sundays are also a good shout if you fancy throwing some shapes with those in the know – this takes place from 17:00 until late and welcomes dancers of all abilities!
In conclusion, I’m not sure I’d return in a hurry, at least not for dinner…Though the vast rum collection and cocktail menu do make for a pretty sound watering hole, I think that those at the helm of The Cuban have been blind-sided by their daily-deal incentives and should, instead, focus on their menu; ensuring quality throughout. For, a few tweaks here and there would no doubt drive this hit and miss culture towards a reliable dining experience.

And now for the second (collective) opinion…
The Group awarded The Cuban a disappointing 4/10 and in three words, described the experience as simply, 'not good enough'...