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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cocktail of the Month – February 2013

Spending the first half of this Month somewhat incapacitated with a full scale bout of the lurgy, meant that alcohol consumption was largely off the cards. In fact, it wasn't until last weekend's jaunt to the Big Smoke that I was able to determine this Month's top tipple; a discovery which marked the rather glorious come-back of the art of a good old knees-up! And so, derived from Soho's trendy 'Archer Street' - an après-ski style bar attracting an exclusive clientèle within the heart of the City's central pizzaz - behold...

.... the 'Fred and Ginger'
Which can be found at…Archer Street*
Which contains…Miller’s Gin and ginger liqueur shaken with lychee juice, ginger syrup and fresh lemon juice...balanced with dash of angostura bitters
Which will set you back…£10.50 (which may well warrant that sharp intake of breath for us Bristolians; but is decidedly average given London's affluent drinking scene)

Someone once told me that the basis of any great cocktail is good quality gin; a notion which Archer Street's Fred and Ginger seemed altogether in favour of. Served in an over-sized martini glass; this contemporary fusion was subtly spiced and suitably decadent; its oriental attributes channelled through an intricate contrast of burnt-sugar style sweetness and the bite of citrus...Flavours which came through in bursts which, just as its name suggests, simply danced on the palate.

Don't fancy immersing yourself in the madness of the metropolis? Perhaps a spot of drinkable DIY is in order...Though I have a feeling that the cost of sourcing the ingredients required for this particular cocktail would be greater than a trip to the venue itself! Thus, if you do happen to be frequenting the watering holes of our classy capital, move Archer Street to the top of your to-do list!
3-4 Archer Street • South Soho • London • W1D 7AP
Table Bookings & Special Events + 44 207 734 3342 – bookings@archerstreet.co.uk

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