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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lily and Boo's Cupcakery, Cotham - Bristol

Whiteladies Road and its adjoining neighbourhoods seem to have finally picked up after what can be described as a rather grim period of inactivity – its new-found 'token' Wetherpoons gleaming amidst the sporadic sociability of this once-popular uptown 'strip' and the rumoured re-launch of Henry Africa's intending to increase the traffic towards the venue where Sasparilla once stood; reopening its predecessor somewhat unapologetically in its wake. However, the predominant pull-factor, for me at least, is Lily and Boo's; a cutesy 'cupcakery' at the foot of Cotham Hill; an establishment set to satisfy my sweet tooth and then some...

Date and Time: Wednesday 7th November 2012,14:30
Name of Establishment: Lily and Boo's Cupcakery*
Location: 2 Cotham Hill, Cotham, Bristol
Reason for visit: A celebratory sugar hit with the Best Foodie Friend (BFF) in light of discovering that I had been short-listed in the 'best blogger' category as part of the Food Magazine's Reader Awards.

Occupying the former stomping ground of Deli Delish - at the base of Cotham Hill and just a stones-throw away from Clifton Down's shopping centre - Lily and Boo's is a cosy and appealingly candy-coloured establishment in which pink décor is punctuated with larger-than-life gingerbread-men and the 'summer-house' style seating is plumply arranged with vintage-effect scatter cushions. Feel good tunes play-out idly overhead and the general ambiance is relaxed and warm. I was also lucky enough to meet both Lily and Boo upon my arrival; their collective friendliness really sealing the deal when it comes to welcoming visitors into their fold – you might say even creating a sense of popping to a mate's gaff for a cuppa’! The pride that they express in light of the sugary haven they've created is crystal, and rightly so; the attractive assortment of cupcakes - thoughtfully arranged upon silver stands beneath the glass of the counter – also seeming to hint at the level of care that has encompassed their design.

There is an ample range to choose from too; each novelly branded and served upon pretty pastel-coloured plates so to be visually enjoyed before the first mouthful is taken. I struggled to choose between The Velvet Elvis (due to my profound weakness for peanut butter) and The Rocky Road (which comprises a winning combination of marshmallow and candied popcorn); opting at last for the latter and, it has to be said, enjoying each and every mouthful! The daily specials are especially innovative; the BFF choosing the 'Harry Potter' inspired 'Butterbeer' cupcake which was fun and vibrant yet she mooted, an acquired taste! One might also suggest that the portion sizes are not to be sniffed at; the cake-to-topping ratio commendably well-executed. I noticed two chaps on the next table to us, gingerly cutting their cupcakes into manageable mouthfuls whereas the BFF and I ploughed through our indulgences in their entirety in the most unmannerly of fashions! Thus, although so often cupcakes look the part but fail to deliver in terms of both texture and taste, this is most certainly not the case at Lily and Boo's as a light and suitably aerated consistency has been deliciously achieved; the sponge harbouring a subtle sweetness so not to detract from the hit of the frosting whereby butter-cream equals melt-in-the-mouth delight!
The 'Butterbeer' Special
The Rocky Road

There are other edibles to choose from and yet, why someone would choose to venture into a cupcakery in search of a savoury muffin, I’ll never know?! Other confectioneries are a nice touch but, in my view, not particularly necessary. Though that said, I also just *had* to sample the macarons which, really rather pricey at £1.35 each (and for what decidedly constitutes just one mouthful), were disappointingly average – the texture overly crunchy, bordering on stale if truth be told. This was a shame as the flavours had been thoughtfully constructed; particularly in terms of the strawberry and vanilla macaron which captured the intended contrast between sweet and tart to perfection.

To wash down one's nibbles are all the usual suspects; hot drinks are blended with semi-skimmed milk as standard but soya is available upon request, (which is of significance if you're a fuss-pot like me when it comes to the white stuff!) The BFF reported that her latte had been well-made and yet, the mocha that I had ordered was pretty much chocca given that the coffee element had been somewhat lost in translation. Nevertheless, this was a satisfactory beverage which suitably warmed the cockles...Notable too is the tea-cup size (oo er) which amounts to what my mum would refer to as a 'swamper' – thus constituting great value for money as we're talking a mere £2.40 for a positively generous serving. Though with all that fluid comes a slight spanner in the (water) works as Lily and Boo's do not have any customer toilets...we later discovered that they share the facilities located within the pub across the road which isn't ideal but not particularly problematic either - especially once you know that they're there!

In conclusion, this is a great addition to the city's café culture and one with which I am hoping to become increasingly well accustomed (trust me, I've already bagged myself a loyalty card!) Incidentally, you may be interested to learn that Lily and Boo's will be officially launching on Friday 23rd November 2012 on which day, from 10:00 – 15:00, the public will be treated to samples of their wares – do go and see what you think...! I felt that although the cupcakes were unimpeachably of a very high standard, there are other aspects of the menu letting the side down – the stale macarons proving the main offender on my part! Arguably, this would be a first-rate establishment if the focus remained on their best-sellers and I would suggest that if Lily and Boo are to explore other avenues, that they do so with caution - so not to put their customers off the main event!
And now for the second opinion...
The BFF gave Lily and Boo's a rating of 8/10 and in three words, summed up her experience as 'sweet, sweet, sweet'.

*There is a fundamental lack of online presence in regards to this establishment – though watch this space as I will add any details should they become available.


  1. Lily & Boos cupcakery (Bristol) AKA Sugarswirlz cupcakery (Cardiff). Owners are con artists who have ripped people of their hard earned cash, promising the world and delivering nothing then run off to another location to do exactly the same. Lol they couldnt even be bothered to change the names on the cupcakes and the colour scheme. Check out the sugarswirlz website!

  2. I am a friend of these people,they know who you are making these slanderous comments, the fact is that there franchisees ripped them off which led to to closure of the company. You are malicious jealous people to say such things about these hard working people. The franchisees are the ones whom crippled the company promising them the earth to run there franchises. Evil horrid people and even employed ex convicts to the poor owners good business. Think again before you write slanderous comments and as for my dear friends running away they always intended to move to bath or Bristol as the owner is English and hated Wales because of people like YOU! The franchisees are being investigated by the government. Watch this space.

    1. hahahahahahah.....just stumbled upon this website and read this comment! Whoever you are - are you for real? To begin with it is your responsibility as an employer to make sure you hire no ex-convicts if it dosent suit you- although everybody deserves a fair chance. It also looks like you are no "friend" and in fact the person being blamed in the first post. I have been to the sugarswirlz website just now and the person is right in saying that it looks very very familiar. Also if you are running a business you best refrain from saying you hate a whole country! Will repost this on Facebook later- get some taste of welsh fury!.....and having run a successful franchisee business over the last 5 years I would love to get in touch with a government agency that is investigating franchisees. I am sure they have better work to do. Person in the first post- find out if this company has applied to be struck off the register- you can write to them and ask them to not do it if youve been affected by any dealings with this company. Just my advice. Cheers!

    2. You don't know these people and the owner did not employ the ex cons no no no the franchisee did and the franchisee was also dismissed from there job for theft in the company they were working for. No no my dear friend, my friend the owner if sugarswirlz gave them a second chance and helped them financially with money as they failed to get the full investment amount! It just goes to show what you know as they are being investigated!

    3. ive read a few other posts about your friends old company....seems like they are the con here not the other people. Also how can 1 franchise bring a company down? Someone without a brain was clearly running this sugarswirlz enterprise! Person in the first post- whats the whole story here. I clearly suspect this sugarswirlz enterprise. Please post an email address or number for yourself and I will get you some legal help as a friend of mine is a lawyer and specialises in cases where companies have swindled franchisees so your not alone. Also worth finding out if this old company ever filed tax returns as Im sure the taxman would be interested in having whats owed to them- first though i would recommend filing a complaint with companies house and blocking this old company from being dissolved. I have read in other places as well that a few more people have been affected- if they all come together it would be great. Cheers

    4. lol anonymous - 23nov 2012 -14.12.

      I know your NOT a "Friend" as you dont have any because you have ripped them all off thats why youve had to up and leave Wales so suddenly and easily. Dont talk about ex convicts like YOU dont know whats its like, I hear its a familiar territory for you! The second chance you speak of???...only a chance for you to con more money off me. If your such a great "entreprenur" then why have you eloped to england leaving a trail of unpaid debts behind you?..
      To the post above...YES I would love to get together with you and discuss the goings on that happened in "sugarswirlz" and I can give alot more other names who are more than happy to give you independent facts about their experience with this woman. They have alot of evidence and we can all arrange to meet your lawyer to discuss non-tax paying of this company also.
      She would claim that she is "only" an employee in this new premises but thats how they work to dodge tax returns and for the last culprit to lay low for abit. I will contact the website admin and get your details and we can meet. Goes to show you can run but you can never hide!

  3. Wow, slanderous comments?...I am sure that there are alot of people in Wales who will think otherwise lol. Your company folded due to your own incompetence and lack of professionalism. Taking peoples money and giving nothing back in return apart from alot of debts and ruining peoples livelihood. Franchisees ripped off the company? How exactly? They are the only ones who actually financially invested into that poor excuse of a company and got nothing back. Investigated by the government??....Lmao, ooooh please I beg they do knock on our door as I have alot of good read ready for them loool. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  4. I love these cupcakes and the cupcakery. I remember the first time I tasted the melt-in-the-mouth Velvet Elvis, my heart melted! Nobody can argue that the cupcakes here are damn tasty morsels of magic! They bring joy to people even on the worst of days. If for nothing else than making 99.99% (reference to the above posts) of people smile, thank you! From a sweet-toothed bristol student!

  5. Just eaten cakes and had tea in there. Very clean, very friendly, and cakes and tea tasted lovely. Guys serving were lovely too. I know nothing of any previous discussions, so i can only comment on todays service. i will be going back. Such a large choice of flavours and reasonably priced too. Lovely place.