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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

In the wake of Tea and Cake: A heartfelt goodbye to the Lahloo Pantry and Swinky Sweets

It is a sad, sad day when you learn that another of your regular haunts is shutting up shop – sad to the extent that I felt compelled to document my sorrow in an altogether mournful (yet fondly reminiscent) manner. For, less than a week after the announcement that Clifton's Lahloo Pantry has had to admit defeat in the face of the increasingly troublesome financial climate, the genius behind Swinky Sweets informed his loyal Facebook following that he had decided to up-sticks and re-locate in the 'big smoke'...seriously, you turn your back for all but 2 minutes (well a week actually) and disaster strikes ...!
Lahloo Pantry: Once it's scone, it's scone!
I have many memories of each establishment and it's fair to say that both have featured, rather heavily in fact, upon recommending Bristol's finest to those who ask me for details of the city's not-so-hidden hot-spots. I'd been known to visit the Lahloo Pantry for a spot of brunch; the Keen's cheddar scone with crème fraîche and sweet chilli jam proving a particular favourite – and then pop into 'Swinky's' on route to the centre for a cupcake to go (and perhaps a scrumble or two as an amply boozy chaser...) It had also become customary to source my birthday cake from Mr Swinky's kitchen – testament to the fact that my very first experience was love at first bite; ah, the Cadbury's Cream Egg cupcake - which quite incidentally, is now the star of my work-place desktop – will provoke what can only be described as a pilgrimage towards our cosmopolitan capital in search of this seasonal sweetness.
Not just for Easter...
Back to Bristol and yes there will be other cafés, new-found favourites even but those which have enhanced the city's café culture (however momentary) will not be forgotten. That said, if you find yourself in need, there is always the Lahloo online store and the plethora of reputable outlets that stock Kate Gover's fantastic range of loose-leaf teas. Meanwhile, Mr Swinky (a.k.a. The lovely Gareth) has promised to keep us up-to-date with news of his move which will no doubt amount to resounding success; London: 1, Bristol: Nil! I wish Lahloo, Swinky Sweets and the individuals behind them the very best of luck in the future; 'Life is Sweet' but it's unquestionably sweeter with a red velvet cupcake in-hand or a hearty mug of 'Bristol Brew'!
Happy Birthday to Me...Oh, wait...!


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