February 2018 marks the 7th anniversary of my eating adventures and, as ever, I'm excited about what the coming months will bring for us foodies! In case this is your first visit (if not, welcome back), I'm a 30-something female with a very healthy appetite!...I promise to share with you my experience of each restaurant, café or bar in which I set foot...so, let's go out!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Wok to Walk, Park Street

I can't be the only person that spends the majority of their time at the gym thinking about food...Given that I'm always running towards the promise of a rewarding carb hit, I consistently seek out post-workout meals which will appropriately refuel my 'temple' in terms of all the necessary nutrients whilst satisfying my craving for a satisfying nosh-up. Wok to Walk* ticked both those boxes; offering a multitude of options for assembling a hearty Asian stir fry.

Date and time: Friday 31 July 2015, 19:00 approx.
Name of Establishment: Wok to Walk

Location: 39 Park Street, Bristol
Reason for Visit: Appropriate ‘après-gym’ replenishment

With branches internationally - from Bulgaria to Mexico - Wok to Walk's ethos for delivering a tastier takeaway equals fresh ingredients, home made sauces and routes to suit any diet, be it gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan. All dishes are also free from MSG so there are no synthetic highs or raging thirsts to suffer in the hours after your final mouthful! Now, I've said takeaway but you can also opt to dine-in; the seating, arranged rather generously throughout the space, is appropriately casual in terms of its design - think benches and stools rather than tables and chairs. The décor follows suit whereby a cheery orange colour-scheme contrasts pastel tiles and wooden panelling. My dining companion and I perched adjacent to the kitchen so that we could watch our food being prepared; observing with interest, the noodles being weighed-out and our chosen ingredients combined with hypnotic precision!

Service is both breezy and efficient; friendly without being overbearing and attentive enough to ensure that our chosen dishes made an entrance a mere five minutes after placing our order at the counter. I opted for wholewheat noodles with broccoli, baby corn, mixed peppers and roast duck breast; the latter proving rather fatty in places but tasty nevertheless. I completed my ensemble with the Bali sauce (a flavoursome peanut-based dressing with a touch of spice) and a topping of peanuts...clearly I needed the protein! My dining companion chose similar ingredients but opted for the Tokyo sauce which, containing Teriyaki and sweet soy, was labelled a firm favourite. You can opt for rice or simply vegetables instead of noodles and a whole host of other ingredients including bamboo shoots, mushrooms, beef fillet and tofu. Prices are variable depending on what you add to your base (which is £3.95) so my creation came in at around the £8 mark. Portions are decidedly humongous; whereby your chosen ingredients are packed tightly into noodle boxes which you can attack with chopsticks or a knife and fork if you are lacking in dexterity like I am! A small range of drinks are available at the counter and desserts are pretty much non existent; though I'd suggest that there isn't a lot of demand for the latter given the food baby that I harboured well into the evening of my visit!

Overall, I reckon that Wok to Walk have really hit the nail on the head with their simple concept for healthy yet hearty fast food. Service is great, prices are reasonable and the fare is both delicious and conveniently speedy! This may well be my brand new go-to for those evenings where a combination of the office and the gym has rendered me useless in the kitchen...A state which, if I'm honest, I often find myself in...Wok on!

And now for the second opinion…
My dining companion gave Wok to Walk a rating of 8/10 and in three words, described the fare as; ‘quick’, ‘delicious’ and ‘varied’.