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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks

Having recently returned from the other side of the pond, I thought I’d share my view on the latest craze which has divided a nation typically recognised by their outlandish behaviours and above average consumption of sugar….Behold, the super magical, limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino in all its calorific glory!

OK so first a disclaimer – this drink is not available in the UK so if the report that follows will cause an inexplicable yearning for this sweet, creamy, neon-coloured beverage (come on…just admit you’re curious) power-down your device now!

Making its debut in Starbucks* across the US, Canada and Mexico on Wednesday 19 April (and sampled by yours truly that very morning), the Unicorn Frappuccino is marketed only to those who believe…And, as an advocator of all things pink, sparkly, cutesy and kitsch, I figured that (as my mum would so eloquently put it), I’d be in there like swimwear! My Starbucks of choice was situated in the heart of Whistler Village, BC and I couldn’t help but notice how the genuine warmth of the server taking my order cooled ever so slightly upon hearing what I’d opted to indulge in for breakfast! In fact, I almost detected a grimace when I asked if all staff were obligated to try the beverage before unleashing it upon the general public – which they were apparently! That said, my order was prepped and served with a smile in the blink of an eye; the girl responsible for its assembly wryly suggesting that no unicorns had been harmed in its creation– phew, they're very rare you know?!

So what does it taste like and does the flavour magically transform as advertised? Well yes actually! What starts as super-sweet and fruity – think mangoes and gummy bears – ends up tart and almost fizzy – not too dissimilar from the Refreshers you probably had as a kid! (Oh, or Fruit Tart candies if you’re not a Brit…) I actually enjoyed the flavour but as I can’t handle full-fat milk, it was just too creamy. I opted for whip due to aesthetic purposes, plus I assumed (rather naively) that sharing a tall-sized Unicorn Frapp with a friend couldn’t possibly be that heavy…I was wrong! If I had ordered a second (in a moment of madness), I would have asked for a non-fat version, minus the whip – which to be fair, really seems to take all the fun out of it! 

I didn’t detect any colour-changing action; which is also supposed to be part of the drink’s transformation process. Though, I'd suggest that this wasn't necessarily to its detriment given that the psychedelic pink and blue swirls that come into view with every sip is novelty enough in my humble opinion!
But first...Let me take a selfie!
All in all, I believe that this new-found-Frapp is a triumph for Starbucks. Sure, there are haters and I'm sure that the gym-bods of the world were horrified to learn that it can contain as much sugar as three whole Snickers bars! That said, there is no denying that visually, the Unicorn Frappuccino has the wow-factor and that its marketing campaign has been unfathomably reinforced with the unmentionable amount of selfies taken by those desperate to capture that first sickly sip! I jest, the taste was far from unpleasant and had it been less creamy, I would have been able to finish it – which is more than can be said for some people as per the photographic evidence below. Sorry Tate – maybe stick to your Venti Americanos hey?!     
Was it a Yay or a Neighhh for you?!
The Unicorn Frappuccino is available for a limited time only (while stocks last apparently) so go go go if you want in on the magic! 

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