February 2018 marks the 7th anniversary of my eating adventures and, as ever, I'm excited about what the coming months will bring for us foodies! In case this is your first visit (if not, welcome back), I'm a 30-something female with a very healthy appetite!...I promise to share with you my experience of each restaurant, café or bar in which I set foot...so, let's go out!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

When the day job met the blog!

As you may or may not be aware, I spend my days (and sometimes my evenings) working as part of the Corporate Relations and Events Team at the University of the West of England (UWE). As such, I was recently asked to contribute to the brand new 'UWE Life Stories' Facebook page – a task which allowed me to reflect on the last nineteen months of Canapés, Cupcakes and Cocktails and in light of this, how much I've enjoyed celebrating my home town and all that it has to offer both its visitors and inhabitants. Consequently my contribution (and its obvious undercurrent of Bristolian pride) is as follows...

During the seven years that I’ve worked at the UWE, I've met a number of amazing people and, as someone who takes an interest in others (which is just another way of admitting to being nosy isn't it?!), I've discovered that most have something – a hidden talent if you will - that they busy themselves with outside of the workplace. As such, I've worked alongside a marathon runner, a DJ, a Science Fiction novelist, a punk rocker and the Volunteer Coordinator for Brisfest – people whose extra-curricular activities have moved me to tell you a little about mine!

Though I'm part of the University’s busy Corporate Relations and Events Team by day, by night (well early evening actually) I'm an unashamedly biased Bristolian and keen 'foodie' – both of which facilitate my blog which aims to review the city's vibrant foodie scene and the plethora of bars, cafés and restaurants that underpin it. Canapés, Cupcakes and Cocktails was founded in February 2011 with a review of Café du Jour on Whiteladies Road and since then has attracted a hungry following; receiving nearly 27,000 hits. Besides giving me an excuse to regularly indulge in fantastic fare, the blog has encouraged me to build on a network of like-minded food enthusiasts which, via the available social media platforms (predominantly Twitter), has played a huge role in opening my eyes to the best that Bristol has to offer; from underground supper clubs, 'secret' cocktail bars and events that showcase the high level of local culinary expertise. Returning to the 'day job' and UWE's focus on enhancing the student experience, I'd like to think that my posts can offer a ‘snack-shot’ of the city that our students have chosen for their studies – and from the humble brilliance of Pie Minister to the all-you-can-eat extravaganza at Za Za Bazaar, there really is something for everyone! I'm finding new favourites all the time and would love to think that I play a part in directing others to theirs!

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