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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Patisserie Leila – 88 Stokes Croft, Bristol

It's official, I've found a brand new macaron-related muse within the sugar-sweet reaches of my beloved Bristol! Until now, only Clifton's Lahloo Pantry has succeeded in satisfying my relentless macaron addiction and yet, I have been unwittingly in the presence of another outlet for my adoration having recently stumbled upon French-orientated 'Patisserie Leila'; situated within the eclectic surroundings of Stokes Croft...I love that such a chic establishment, complete with stylish awning and a spectacular macaron tower effect window display has been branded with its very own street art and that, most importantly, the confectioneries themselves (at a mere 80 pence each) are just divine – the praline variety in particular proving an absolute must-have with a lighter-than-air consistency and rich-flavoured filling. Consequently, It really is worth a visit – if not for the macarons, then for the hand-crafted cakes and pastries that have so clearly been lovingly prepared; bringing another angle of creativity and artistic flair to this most notorious part of our City.

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  1. Completely agree - Discovered these by chance and they are awesome!!