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Friday, 22 January 2016

Fishers, Clifton Village

Date and Time: Sunday 27 September 2015, 15:30
Name of Establishment: Fishers Restaurant
Location: 35 Princess Victoria Street, Clifton
Reason for Visit: To be beside the seaside on a Sunday!

Nestled within the high-end eateries of Clifton Village, Fishers Restaurant offers a rather more humble affair. With weathered- style wooden furniture and splashes of seaside blue, a subtle theme lends to a notably cheerful ambiance; Fishers depicting a restaurant whereby a focus on its fare equals simplicity in terms of its décor. Service was relaxed and friendly; perfectly fitting with this ethos and ideal given that my dining companion was on a one-woman mission to sample lobster! Allowed to order ‘off-menu’ (at roughly £30 for the whole shebang) and shown the tricks of the trade in terms of how to dissect the optimum amount of meat from the nooks and crannies of its shell, the lobster was undoubtedly a hit; perfectly executed and described as fresh, succulent and creamy. The food envy on my part was notable and yet, the two course set menu (at £9.50) that I had opted for was filling and delicious. I started with crispy calamari which was light in texture and expertly prepared; avoiding that familiar faux pas whereby calamari can prove tough and rubbery. The Scottish Salmon Fishcake that followed was equally as well received given its smooth, well-seasoned filling, The zingy lemon butter and vibrant mixed leaf salad that completed the ensemble made for both a generously portioned and flavoursome plate of food.
We chose not to indulge in puddings; those on offer proving a little lack lustre following the wow-factor of the main event. We’re talking the usual suspects here – chocolate brownie or sticky toffee pudding, both coupled with either ice cream or cream – notably hearty options, but perhaps a little heavy after the fragility synonymous with fresh fish, (both in terms of texture and taste). Subsequently, it was clear that a focus on the menu’s savoury aspect meant that dessert had rather taken a back seat. Perhaps moving forward, a little creativity could be applied in regards to a small selection of desserts which would better complement the courses preceding them; rather like the wine list which has been thoughtfully composed to balance the dishes constituting the main menu. I chose the Fernlands Sauvignon Blanc NZ 2010 (£5.25 – 175ml) which seemed to round-off the occasion on account of its citrus-led palate and crisp, refreshing finish.
Overall, I’d suggest that Fishers is an ample go-to for a spot of Sunday Lunch. With relaxed surroundings, willing service and a focus on high quality cuisine, it’s not surprising that its often packed to the gills with a family-friendly clientele. Furthermore, since it opened its doors in 2001, Fishers has mirrored the success of its sister restaurant in Exeter, forging new alliances with individual Cornish fishermen and smaller fishmongers to further expedite the ‘port to plate’ time. This means that the day-boat Cornish fish can be delivered in just a few hours in readiness for the kitchen to meet the demands of the lunchtime rush. With this in mind, I’d really recommend a visit for the freshest fish in town which, delivered with a smile, really promotes that by-the-seaside sense of joy!
And now for the second opinion…
My dining companion gave Fishers a rating of 9/10 and in three words, summed up her experience as a ‘whole lotta lobster!’ Fair enough!  

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