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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Treble 7 - Fishponds, Bristol

It's fair to say that I consider it somewhat of a necessity to have an easily-accessible range of venues to frequent whereby to administer my vital intake of coffee and cake – a residential requirement which, for me, has been adequately fulfilled given that Fishponds High Street (and its growing number of reputable eateries) are within crawling distance of my humble abode. In fact, I would have settled for Porto Lounge (the obvious jewel in the crown of the area's increasingly apparent café-culture) but to do so would have ultimately overlooked another shiner in the mix....Introducing Treble 7; a café-come-bar with fresh, funky appeal as well as an extensive menu of affordable yet tasty cuisine...need I continue?! Ah go on then...

Date and Time: Wednesday 21st March 2012, 14:30
Name of Establishment: Treble 7*
Location: Straits Parade, Fishponds, Bristol
Reason for Visit: A casual kick-back with my lovely Auntie

Weaving through the metallic patio furniture which glinted beneath the springtime sunshine, Auntie S. and I made our way into Treble 7's light, airy and notably spacious interior. The lofty reaches of a prominent clock-face caught our attention as we did so however, its grand presence at the forefront of the building, hinting perhaps, at a little untold history! And, although on this occasion, the outside space was buzzing with those making the most of the weather, inside was the epitome of calm; the balanced ambiance and tidy arrangement of comfortable leather-effect furniture lending to the establishment an arguable edge over the shabby-chic half-light of its aforementioned competition! Here, polished table tops, vibrant wall-art and cheerful, pillar-box red accent colours facilitate a contemporary feel and yet, whilst the décor is unmistakably upbeat, Treble 7's downfall is undoubtedly the service which can be, at times (and depending on the hit-and-miss temperament of ‘server roulette'), a little brusque to say the least – disappointing...

The menu is varied; spanning each and every dining occasion from the good old English fry-up to the likes of a 'Mussel Marinara' main-course! An ample range of sandwiches, paninis and light-bites accompany this, as well as the opportunity to indulge in an alcoholic beverage to wash it all down, (if you are that way inclined of course and we all know that I am – especially with Coors Light at £2.50 a pint which is, if you ask me, an absolute must-have on a warm day!) On this occasion though, the motive was simply, coffee 'n cake and, in regards to the latter (and in a similar fashion to the savoury line-up), the options were endless; not to mention visually alluring given that they had been displayed side-by-side within the well-stocked chiller below the counter! To that end, Auntie S. opted for a rather sizeable slice of coffee cake which, she assured me, had perfectly achieved its bitter-sweet intention; the tangible aroma of a rich-roasted brew offsetting the sweet-noted stickiness of the fudge-flavoured topping without proving overly sickly nor heavily textured – 'just lovely' she enthused, 'and home-made too'! The 'Toblerone' Crunch Cake was also well-received; more-than meeting my sweet-toothed approval with its crumbly biscuit base and a chocolaty melt-down of those characteristic, alpine-inspired peaks! Furthermore, flecked with small pieces of honey and almond nougat, this was a confection not too dissimilar to the ‘Daim’ tart that is top of the bill in Ikea’s Café – hence, entirely appealing though requiring something, (a small measure of pouring cream for instance) to ease its overall density which began to stick to the palate as the mouthfuls intensified. Nevertheless, washed down with a well-made latte (which, served in tall mug and finished with a light swirl of frothed milk, was both delicious and reasonably-priced), it concluded a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of commendable fare.

Consequently, this is a pleasant space; the free Wi-Fi and inexpensive edibles further promoting that stay-a-while vibe. Plus, with big bay windows (which, it has to be said, simply beg for a spot of people-watching), it's quite the sunshiney retreat; the chilled-out vibe of its continentally-styled outdoor area fully extending to the space within. It's true that those behind Treble 7 need to further invest in the notion of service with a smile and yet, I find myself, upon occasion, almost appreciative of the stand-offish nature of those 'manning the fort'; given that it means spending a good couple of hours without interruption, (great if, like yours truly, you have dedicated an afternoon to your laptop!) Yes, this is an establishment which has become something of a regular haunt; a reliable go-to for a decent java hit and a comfortable location for a routine rendezvous..ultimately proving that there is more to Fishponds' 'foodie' scene than the popular yet, dare I say it, over-rated Loungers presence!

And now for the second opinion...
Auntie S. gave Treble 7 an apt rating of 7/10 and in three words, described its fare as 'simple yet satisfying'.

* Treble 7 do not have a website, nor do they have any online contact information – sort it out guys!

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