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Thursday, 8 September 2011

St Werburghs City Farm Café - Bristol

Well, all I will offer by way of an introduction is...I can't believe that I haven't visited St Werburghs City Farm Café before as it truly is, (both theoretically-speaking and geographically) right up my street!

Date and Time: Wednesday 7th September 2011, 13:45
Name of Establishment: St Werburghs City Farm Café*
Location: Watercress Road, St Werburghs – Bristol
Reason for Visit: Impromptu lunchtime meet-up with The Boy – brought on by a momentary respite from Bristol's new-found monsoon season!

Described as an ethically guided community café and situated adjacently from the thriving farm, there is no reason to doubt the quality of the produce sourced at St Werburghs City Farm Café. However, the menu was not the first thing that appealed to me as, upon first observation of this dwelling from the car, its character and originality (which arguably, wouldn't be out-of-place within the pages of a fairytale), instantaneously drew me inside. And, just as its exterior proves both curious and inviting, its interior is warm and cosy. With a hand-carved and polished wooden tree-trunk effect structure that curls up from the floor towards its hut-like summit as well as the cut-out oval windows and spot-lit nooks and crannies, this space could almost be described as an elaborate tree-house. The deep red of the décor, plump, richly-striped cushions, leafy foliage and a train of bunting branded by the nearby residents of Sevier Street makes for a homely ambiance which reverberated a genuine family-friendly feel – mirrored somewhat by the attitude of the staff who, passionate about the space they have created (and rightly so) are welcoming, helpful and smiley.
A Natural Novelty!
The Boy and I chose from the list of specials but took note of the main menus for future reference. Breakfast in particular, (served from 10:00am until 12:00 noon) sounded amazingly wholesome with all the usual suspects including, sausage, bacon, eggs and black pudding, yet locally-sourced, organic and free-range – delicious! Typical lunchtime offerings included burgers (both vegetarian and carnivorous varieties) and lighter bites like speciality hummous with marinated olives and warmed pitta. Back to those aforementioned specials though and, indecisively opting to share a couple of dishes as reluctant to settle on one each, The Boy and I chose the smoked haddock fish-cakes (£6.50) and the cheese quesadillas (£5.50). The fish-cakes were well-portioned and amply filled with an even, creamy texture. The home-made salsa verde which accompanied this dish was wonderfully flavoursome featuring a range of herbs that perfectly balanced the distinct salty edge of the capers. Good quality cheese with a mature-bite filled the quesadillas which, crisp and satisfying, were supplemented with fresh salsa and a cool sour cream - both interesting presented in an espresso cup! The focus on organic, free-range and seasonal produce made for a real sense of good, honest grub. It just goes to show that sustainability needn't be burdensome and to 'eat fresh' really goes a long way to ensure top-notch results in terms of taste – in fact, the salad which generously accompanied both dishes had been picked from the farm that very morning and dressed simply with oil was wonderfully crisp and refreshing. 


To wash down our meals, The Boy and I both ordered cappuccino (£1.75) which, made with semi-skimmed milk, was of a commendable standard (and therefore satisfying my tendency towards coffee-snobbery!) Incidentally, I loved the earthenware-style crockery which is utilised here; for me, adding to that homely vibe and somewhat in keeping with the environmentally-friendly ethos which, in my opinion, is achieved in leaps and bounds. Whilst the cuisine sampled thus far had been very well received, we didn't opt for desserts on this occasion but I couldn’t help but notice the selection of cakes and pastries tempting me from the counter (not to mention the enticing range of ice cream available in an array of flavours including pistachio, my favourite!) That said, I certainly intend to revisit soon and, driven by my notorious sweet-tooth, have already invited my mum to join me for coffee and a rather belated pudding on the weekend! 
Cutesy Coffee with a Kick!
Overall, an impressive café in the heart of the Community-driven City Farm – it's obvious that the hard-work and enthusiasm behind ensuring the best in quality produce has paid off as its fare really is fresh and exciting. Furthermore, I'm certainly not the only one who enjoys the appeal of this snuggly haven – its geared up for reading, internet browsing or merely hanging-out with the family, (furthermore, there is a children's playground just outside which, although more-than-sufficient at present, has been earmarked for improvement as soon as the required funds are raised). Lastly, I simply have to mention the year-round foodie events that are held here, 'Tasty Tales at Twilight' combines a seasonal menu with imaginative story-telling and tipples created with the foraged findings from owner, Leona's garden – the next has been scheduled for the 30th September 2011 so if this tickles your fancy, it's best to bag yourself a place as soon as possible– it's sure to be a sell-out if the (deservedly) apparent buzz for this café is anything to go by.

And now for the male opinion...
The Boy gave St Werburghs City Farm Café 9/10 and in three words, described it as, 'farmyard food finesse'.

Tel: 0117 9080798
Open Wednesday – Monday from 10:00am – 5:00pm (Summer) and 10:00am – 4:00pm (Winter)

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  1. the crockery is made by Steve Carter at St Werburghs pottery: http://www.stwerburghspottery.co.uk/