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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Goldbrick House, Park Street

Goldbrick House is one of those places which I've walked past countless times, turned to whoever I'm with and said, 'I'd really like to eat in there!' Well I finally got around to doing so and for quite an occasion...my anniversary with The Boy! Goldbrick House is well known for its 'Fabulous Food Evenings' as well as the sporadic advertisement of its '50:50 Fridays'; where dishes from the à la carte menu cost 50% less. Subsequently, the final push towards booking a table was upon discovering that the next 50:50 Friday would take place on the 22nd April – the date which The Boy and I had agreed upon to celebrate our anniversary, (a date which changes every year!)

Date and Time: Friday 22nd April 2011, 19:00
Name of Establishment: Goldbrick House
Location: 69 Park Street, West End, Bristol
Reason for Visit: Anniversary Meal with The Boy

Upon first impressions, I think it's fair to say that Goldbrick House exudes elegance. Once inside you really feel part of the grandeur which, spread over three floors as well as a purpose-built outside terrace, is created by tasteful décor as well as the expanse of wooden floors and high ceilings which provide a spacious feel even when the venue is busy, (which was certainly the case on the evening of our visit). After exploring the curious maze of levels, rooms and adjoining staircases, The Boy and I chose to sit under the red shades which adorn the terrace area. There is a real holiday-vibe to this space and with the rich cooking smells wafting through from the kitchen and the buzz of conversation from other diners, you can't help but let your senses revel in what made for a truly relaxing ambiance.

Service was prompt, efficient and friendly – our questions regarding the menu were answered knowledgeably and nothing seemed too much trouble. The Boy has a nut allergy which was attended to with sensitivity and in a manner which made him feel at ease, (believe me, this is certainly not always the case elsewhere).

The food was spot-on and dishes were presented with care and precision. I opted for the salmon fillet (£12.50) which was beautifully cooked. The moist, pink flakes of fish perfectly complimented other flavours and textures which made up this dish - the lemon-infused risotto cake with it's rich, sticky pull and the drizzle of dill velouté which, although a little salty for my palate, was a delicious accompaniment, particularly to the crisp green beans. I loved the summery lightness of this course, it really matched the feel of the venue and our evening thus far. The Boy chose the Lamb Weillington (£18.95) which was served in puff pastry with layers of parma ham and minted-pea mash. I liked the mix of colours on this plate from the rich meaty hue of the lamb to the vibrant green of the peas alongside the swirl of celeriac purée and gravy – it almost looked too spectacular to devour! But devour it he did and The Boy concluded that this dish had been 'a real treat'.

The Boy's Lamb Wellington
Salmon Fillet

Dessert was the chocolate, raisin and walnut cake (£5.25) which was served with an ample scoop of toasted oat ice cream (presented in a separate bowl so that The Boy could share). The main attraction was more chocolate brownie in texture than cake but tasty, dense and wonderfully moreish nonetheless. That said, I think overall it was a little heavy and for once in my dessert-eating history, I would have been satisfied with half of the portion I was given! The ice cream however, had a lovely home-baked flapjack taste and the Pièce de Résistance was the salted caramel sauce which had a rich, burnt sugar aroma which dominated the taste buds – heaven!

 There is no question about whether I would return to Goldbrick House; for under £30 The Boy and I had a top-notch meal, glass of wine each and shared dessert in a sophisticated yet laid-back setting. This was, of course, due to the 50:50 Friday deal but even without this offer, I consider the prices fair for such a top-end dining experience. There really is something about this venue which sets it aside from other City-Centre eateries. It covers all the bases (from restaurant to champagne bar to stylish corporate venue) without losing consistency and the fact that quality is delivered throughout, really puts Goldbrick House in a league of its own.

And now for the second opinion...
The Boy gave Goldbrick House 8/10 and in three words chose, 'high-end dining'.

* http://www.goldbrickhouse.co.uk

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